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Want to truly change your already colored hair? Get ready, it is quite a process and, indeed, it will cost some money, but we support you in your desire to recreate yourself anew! Creative Colours would rather earn a long time trusted client than charge a very high rate and only see you once.

Corrective Color is not only fixing a color that has gone wrong, but it is really any hair color that is going from one look to another. Subtle changes in colored hair can often be affected with regular hair appointments but when dramatic changes are desired it is very important to seek well trained professionals. It is most important to understand that color does not lift color. Once you put a color–any color, but particularly blacks or true reds, on your hair, professional techniques are required to change it to anything lighter; or to darken a pre-lightened color, it is important to understand color theory and how hair grabs color to not end up with horrible tones and blotchy results.

Corrective color can be a very challenging procedure that requires the utmost skills that a hairdresser can have and it is important to find out the skills of a hairdresser before signing up for this most expensive of services: we have heard many nightmare stories over the years of clients spending up to $400 and not being happy at all with the results.

The going rates for corrective colors in the Reno area are anywhere from $65-$100 an hour. Be prepared that corrective color can often take up to 4-8 hours. It can take many processes and the  results are not always clean, and the bill at the end of the service can often be quite shocking!
Although we list our rates as consistent with the market, we rarely charge full price for our corrective colors. We understand and support the desire to be creative with your hair, just look at our name! We don’t think that you should be so financially stressed when you wish for a change. If the change is to be a dramatic one then we recommend a  consultation where we can educate you on the processes needed and give you a budget range, usually much lower than our listed hourly price. We just ask that you honor us for working a deal with you and that if you are happy with the results that you spread the word and continue to be our loyal clients.

Tamara, who has been doing hair since 2000, specializes in corrective color as she very much enjoys the challenge, and she and her corrective color clients are usually quite thrilled with the quality of the end results. Her normal rates are $90 an hour, but she has honestly never charged anyone over $50 an hour and often less, especially when the project takes 6 hours or more!

Designer rates: $70 per hour
Master designer rates: $90 per hour


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